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In 1984, the educationalist B.S. Bloom published his famous 2 Sigma Paper. This paper demonstrates that students that receive one-to-one support in addition to classroom based learning perform two standard deviations better than their peers. 25 years later, College Connections was created to help parents & students find the best tutors, mentors and educational consultants so that everyone can reach their true potential.

Our aim is to maximize our clients’ chances of success when applying to competitive secondary schools and highly selective universities in North America, Europe and the U.K. We have extensive and successful experience of working with students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League schools. We believe that all students deserve the insight and support which experienced mentors can offer. College Connections makes the accidental mentorships which often occur in privileged environments intentional. We want to demystify university applications, and make education accessible. Through our 1-to-1 scheme, we make the services we provide available to as many students as possible.


College Connections - Winners of the 2012 Journal Of Social Business Competition - Award Received from Muhammad Yunus

  • Access the best mentors & tutors online, around the world and to fit your schedule
  • MentorMatch will match you with precisely the right mentor or tutor for your requirement, personality & learning style
  • Receive guidance from elite subject experts who consistently secure the goals of their students
  • Receive a premium service with transparent prices, results that are guaranteed by contract and 88% 5-star ratings

International Educational Consultants

We have successfully placed students at schools, summer schools and universities around the world. We have helped students dramatically improve their exam scores. We have guided students towards the right Masters programs. We have helped students find the right career path.

  • The Russell Group is made up of the top 24 British universities, as demonstrated by the quality of their research, as well as their outstanding teaching and learning standards. Over six years, 98% of College Connections mentees have been admitted to at least one Russell Group university.
  • Better than original grades. On average, by the time College Connections tutees complete their exams, they perform two standard deviations better than the scores they had when they began work with College Connections.
  • With summer school guidance. Students & parents who received summer school guidance report a 95% satisfaction rate with summer school choice booked through College Connections.
  • With university guidance. College Connections mentees regularily admitted to LSE, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Edinburgh, McGill, to name but a few.
  • 100% of College Connections post-graduate mentees received admission to top Master's programs or internships.

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