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Top Ten Tips For Writing A Personal Statement
Download this brief guide today to gain an introduction to how best to write a personal statement.
UCAS Guide
Download this in-depth guide today to help start planning your applications to British universities. Topics covered include: Key Deadlines, Factors To Consider When Choosing a Course, and What Goes Into Choosing Five University Choices.
Writing Essays for American Universities
Compared to British universities, American college essays differ in their content and style: while the U.K. Personal Statement can be described as more academics-focused and formal, U.S. universities tend to focus more on extra-curriculars and be slightly less formal. Download our guide to find out more.
Top Ten Tips For Managing Time
College Connections has developed the Pentagon Method, that aims to look at student's success holistically. The goal is to empower students to achieve educational outperformance independently, with as little realiance on a tutor or mentor as possible. This resource forms part of the work that we do on this.
S.O.F.S.S. stands for Self-Optimization for Study Success. It is another aspect of College Connections' Pentagon Method, that aims to unlock educational outperformance by taking a holistic approach to a student's studies. With a focus on exercise, sleep hygiene and meditation, these skills help empower students towards achieving their goals.